The Summer of Love brought to the world the ubiquitous yellow smiley face, flower power, beads,lush velvet and bare feet. It heralded the birth of a new era, giving us Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the beatles,Jim Morrison and the avant garde - Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol, the icons of their generation, who in turn fueled the message of peace not war, free love and sexual expression (nudity being a feature of that spirit, also symbolic of shedding class barriers).

American youth at the time were bored with consumer culture and the authoritative and conservative society who championed the nuclear family and traditional moral values. There was a desire to seek out something radically different, something that would change their lives and the world at large. It happened that there began a growing consciousness, starting with the beat generation in the 50's, a momentum that was built up and eventually evolved into a potent counterculture of the 60's hippies.

Psychedelic pop pays homage to the Art, the gorgeously morphing and surreal landscape , often spiritually and politically insightful iconography that was born in the 60's. Take a trip with us, and discover the continuum of peace, joy and hope that has sprouted and grown, albeit in different context, with renewed energy.


Pop Psychedelic
• Text by: Bigbrosworkshop, Juan
May 2008

The revolution of love and peace that was the 60's has left an indelible mark in virtually every aspect of youth and alternative culture, it's threads live on today in the domains of spirituality, music, fashion,the art world as well as the revolutionary movement.